97x at Bonnaroo 2018: We’ve arrived!!

97x at Bonnaroo 2018: We’ve arrived!! 

Posted: 11:26 am Friday, June 8th, 2018

By Sam

One giant bag of Doritos, 2 pit stops, and 10 hours in the car later, we arrived in Manchester Tennessee for Bonnaroo 2018!! 

First stop of course was to get suited up with our wrist bands, they become your literal LIFE LINE. Then of course the camping setup struggle happened. I was quite proud of the luxurious tent I assembled.


Had to get tatted up of course.

After that it was straight over to the broadcast center for an interview. This is Jade Bird, she’s an incredible up an coming artist with an insane story. Traveled most of her life and started writing music and playing playing gigs in South Wales at 14! Her music has unique sound and powerful lyrics. What I love is that it crosses almost all genres too. Of course died for her floral onesie. Check out our full interview!

We then had to go explore the farm! Stopped at the silent disco which was an INCREDIBLE experience. Imagine a bunch of people jamming and twerking in complete silence with head phones on. Yeah. Walked by some weird BBQ place that had a giant flaming pig. Oh, and vegan corn dogs happened. Hipster AF.


What’s amazing about Bonnaroo is the random stuff you are constantly running into. Like a free crawfish boil? WHAT?

Before calling it a night we headed back to Centeroo (that’s what they call the main area with all the stages) to see Frenship and Flor perform. I’m SO glad we did because that’s where the absolute highlight of my night happened. We are just standing in the crowd and I hear “Sam from 97x??” I turned my head and yelled “SHUT UP!” because I had literally been

s h o o k.

You don’t expect to run into 97X Tampa Bay family members all the way up here! And at a HUGE festival?! This is Raoul and Juan and they were awesome!!

Well, I’m currently writing this from the broadcast center where we are LIVE 10a-3p today (Friday) and tomorrow! Later this afternoon I’ll be interviewing Manchester Orchestra and The Revivalists so be on the lookout for those! We’ll also talk to Sir Sly, LANY, and Mikky Echo this weekend! Everything will be posted here. Thanks for following our adventure on the farm!