Sam talks NBT with Zach from Portugal. The Man

Sam talks NBT with Zach from Portugal. The Man 

Posted: 3:02 pm Monday, November 27th, 2017

By Sam

Probably one of my FAVORITE interviews ever! Portugal. The Man will be performing at #97XNBT this Sunday December 3rd so bassist Zach Carothers called in to chat about it! Of course we didn’t just talk NBT. We had to discuss the wild success of ‘Feel It Still’ and how it is skyrocketed them to a completely new level in their career. He described crossing over into the pop world, “It’s been super funny, it’s a lot brighter and things are a lot cleaner. People are more tan with whiter teeth, have 6-packs and stuff. I’m 36-years-old and from Wasilla, Alaska. It’s not really my place but I’m having a blast hanging out there.” That’s honestly exactly how I picture the ‘pop’ world.

Another one of my favorite moments was when he described the unique experience of driving on the highway in Florida, “I’ll see an orange Lamborghini and be like ‘Rad!’ and then the next [car] is some like swamp mobile and I don’t even know what it is but it’s got tractor tires on it, the next one’s like a 90’s F150 towing a yacht, and then the next one is some like 60’s Chevy straight from Cuba or something!” We are certainly a unique bunch down here.

Here the whole interview now!

Zach describes his first trip to Florida. YOU CAN SWIM IN THE OCEAN AND NOT DIE?!