Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Gives Emotional Speech Regarding Mormon Past

Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Gives Emotional Speech Regarding Mormon Past 

Posted: 12:59 pm Monday, June 26th, 2017

By Sam

Dan Reynolds was honored with the ‘Hero Award’ at the TrevorLIVE benefit night on June 19th. He was recognized for his advocacy and huge support of the LGBTQ community. It’s well-known that Dan was raised Mormon. He completed 2 years as a Mormon missionary at the age of 19 and attended Brigham Young University in Utah.

Upon receiving the award Dan changed his original plan to read from a prompter and instead ‘spoke from the heart’. He went into great detail about being raised Mormon and the inner conflict he felt with religion as he grew older. At 19 he was sent to Nebraska as a Mormon missionary (a certain rite of passage for Mormon young men). In that two years he explained what is was like to come across somebody who identified as gay or homosexual, “I taught that it was a sin, because it was what I raised to teach.” In retrospect he describes the intense regret and guilt he feels for those words “I wish I could re-knock all those doors, re-knock them and tell them I was wrong”. I challenge you to not tear up watching this. Dan’s emotions are raw and powerful. Regardless of how you feel about religion or the LGBTQ community, you have to be able to appreciate and admire his willingness to be so open, real, and honest with us.

Imagine Dragons dropped their third album ‘Evolve’ this past Friday and will be performing at the Amway Center in Orlando with Grouplove and K.Flay on November 10th.