Toto will now release a cover of a Weezer song

Toto will now release a cover of a Weezer song 

Posted: 1:10 pm Monday, July 30th, 2018

By Sam

Yep. That’s happening.

Earlier this year Weezer gave into the tweets of a 15-year-old girl BEGGING THEM to do a cover of Toto’s ‘Africa’ and it turned out to be the biggest hit for them in years. Now, it seems as though Toto is going to return the favor.

According to Alt Press, Steve Lukather confirmed Toto will release a cover of Weezer’s 2001 single ‘Hash Pipe’ sometime in the next few weeks. If you’re wondering why they chose that song, here’s what Lukather explained via Billboard.

“You know, we listened to ‘Beverly Hills, I wanted to maybe even do a real ‘Africa’-type version of that, I was thinking about for a minute. But you know what? We wanted to make it different, but we wanted to do something rock ‘n’ roll. I wanted to show everyone what a good rock ‘n’ roll band we can be.”

So there ya go. What even is life anymore.