Twenty One Pilots billboards show up in major cities overnight

Twenty One Pilots billboards show up in major cities overnight 

Posted: 3:16 pm Monday, July 9th, 2018

By Sam

On July 6th 2017 Twenty One Pilots officially went silent. A series of tweets containing lyrics were released along with the image of an eye closing. Since then, all of their social media accounts have been completely untouched.

Last week, on July 6th (exactly one year) the band released their first communication to fans. It came in the form of an email to their fan club members and was simply this GIF of a creepy eye closing. It said “ARE YOU STILL SLEEPING?”

Today the band released this longer form of that video on all of their social media accounts!!

The website also changed to show the bands name with a banner over it.

The coolest move though, these billboards! From Toronto to London the very simplistic billboards appeared in major cities across the world today. You’ll notice that they have slightly changed the symbol slightly. Adding 2 bars to each side.

BEYOND excited to see what’s coming from these guys! Be sure to follow us as you know we’ll have whatever it is first!!