97x at Bonnaroo 2018: Saturday Sun

97x at Bonnaroo 2018: Saturday Sun 

Posted: 1:18 pm Sunday, June 10th, 2018

By Sam

So Saturday of Bonnaroo 2018 started in true Bonnaroo fashion when some guys yelled to me from this crazy bus “Would you like some free cereal?” Seems legit.

I didn’t take them up on the offer but much appreciated the hospitality. We then headed back to the media center for day 2 of our broadcast!!!

This also included me completely tatting myself up with the free temporary tattoos they gave us.

We also had LANY come through for an interview. They are an awesome up and coming band from LA with an intense and passionate fan base. They actually called them ‘The Stanbase’ on Twitter. LOL. We talked about that and of course their SOLD OUT show in Tampa at the Ritz Ybor Monday! Hear the whole interview here. 

LANY took the main stage (‘What Stage’) at 4:15p and absolutely rocked it. The entire crowd sang along to ILYSB! See set pics here.


We took a break to walk the farm and found this crazy oasis area. Felt just like home. Kinda.

Ya know, casual.

We stopped at what the call the ‘Christmas Barn’, which is exactly what it sounds like, a barn where it’s Christmas all the time. They have bands and DJ’s going all day and night. We happened to stop in during the Alt-Rock throwback party and screamed our hearts out to ‘Buddy Holly’ and ‘Wonderwall’.

The next performances we had to check out were Rebolution, Rag ‘N’ Bone Man, and Bon Iver! They were all timed super closely so we had to hustle. Hustlin’ hustlin’….every Roo we hustlin’.  See galleries from all the bands!!

We stopped back at the tent and grilled up some cheese dogs. Needed to save some energy for the headliner…EMINEM!! He had a long set, 10:45p-12:25a, and it was packed with all the hits. He brought Skylar Grey out for ‘Stan’ and closed with fireworks and some classic Mom’s spaghetti ‘Lose Yourself’.

At the point we were down for the count. Well I mean, we had more snacks first. Beef jerky at the campsite to be exact.

Currently we are in the media tent and EVERYTHING is shut down due to weather. Sir Sly are actually supposed to be here for an interview and can’t even get in the gates. We’ll see what happens!

Bonnaroo is a great way of making the most of it. Positive vibes. Make a friend. 🙂

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to show you the delightful breakfast tacos that are sold right near our campsite. THEY MAKE MY MORNINGS.