Jared Leto dresses as Jesus and other odd Met Gala looks

Jared Leto dresses as Jesus and other odd Met Gala looks 

Posted: 11:14 am Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

By Sam

The theme for the Met Gala this year was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination” which was don’t to pay homage to the Catholic Church. Naturally, the one person attending who very much resembles images of Jesus, dressed as such. Jared Leto of Thirty Seconds To Mars attended with Lana Del Ray and Gucci’s fashion director Alessandro Michele who both also followed the theme.

Honestly though, this is Jared Leto we’re talking about. What did you expect?

Weird fashion at the Met Gala isn’t limited to Jared Leto, it’s kinda a thing there. Here are more pics:

Because SOMEONE had to be this extra.

This is actually casual wear for Madonna.

Stop being the most adorable couple ever. It’s offensive.

But like, what ere the other options…

You SLAY that crown Mindy!!!!

Let’s take a moment for whoever sat behind her.

Don’t take the elevator!!!!

*Camo chic lewks*

Oh you brought that? So humble of you…

It kinda looks like it may have guac or salsa in the top. DID YOU BRING CHIPS?

Oh look it’s Mary-Kate and Ashley looking confused about life again.

See the full gallery here. 🙂