The New Festival Hair Trend is Glitter In Your Part

The New Festival Hair Trend is Glitter In Your Part 

Posted: 11:44 am Monday, April 16th, 2018

By Sam

(PHOTO: @frunkkawaii/Instagram)

Okay ladies let’s be real. Trendy or not this is probably the dumbest hair fashion since over-sized scrunchies. I mean you do you realize you’re going to spend the next year getting that out right?!

And don’t we spend our whole lives trying to hide or avoid dandruff?! NOW WE ACTUALLY ARE BEGGING FOR GLITTERY DANDRUFF?!

It’s official. Coachella is not about epic artist lineups and Destiny’s Child reunions. It’s about freaking dumb fashion trends and their Instagram likes.

Ugh. Not even Head and Shoulders can fix that.

Here’s a tutorial if you feel like your life is incomplete without this look. Or you want to rock it at 97XBBQ.

A few prize Twitter reactions…