Marilyn Manson has meltdown on stage

Marilyn Manson has meltdown on stage 

Posted: 11:50 am Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

By Sam

During a show in NYC on Thursday the rocker exhibited bizarre behavior and ended his show early. According to Billboard, the rocker slurred and mumbled through some half -sung monologue, while his band played some random bluesy jams underneath. The behavior apparently went on for over an hour and ended with fans chanting ‘Refund! Refund!’.

Youtube user bill hell uploaded the clip with the following caption:

Manson was so messed up he was slurring, babbling incoherently, he got mad at the audience and didn’t do his songs, he made up some “song” on the spot , babbling about the audience, and he won’t sing his tunes unless we all said we love him so much!!! He’s done!!!

The breakdown comes after several controversial moments for the artist over the past few months firing his former bassist after allegations of sexual assault and aiming a fake rifle at his San Bernandino audience.

I think it’s time to chill Marilyn. CHILL.