See the bizarre list of things banned at a Foo Fighters show

See the bizarre list of things banned at a Foo Fighters show 

Posted: 7:40 am Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

By Sam

Perhaps it’s because so many bands take themselves too seriously, or maybe Foo Fighters just like having fun at their shows? Whatever the reason, we are absolutely loving the hilarious list of prohibited items fans were greeted with at a Foo Fighters show. This post was made by Radio Hauraki on Facebook before the show at Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand.

Of course the usual things make the list, glass containers, food, air horns, etc. But then it gets really interesting. Here’s just a few:

‘Unflattering photos of Ryan Seacrest’

‘Homemade nut milks’

‘Any pencil that isn’t #2’

‘Cream magazines that do not mention Ted Nugent’

They are so great and it honestly makes us love Foo Fighters even more.

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