What game day recipes each state searched the most

What game day recipes each state searched the most 

Posted: 11:51 am Thursday, February 1st, 2018

By Sam

(Getty Images)

Thanks to General Mills, we now have an idea of what food each state will be chowing down on the most during the Big Game on Sunday.

As for the foods most popular all around the results are wings, chili, sliders, and something described as “sausage cheese balls”? The cheese balls win for Florida which is quite bizarre as I have not encountered them at many tailgate parties.

A few odd ones are “dill pickle soup” in Kansas, “Root Beer Chicken” in Indiana, “Taco Soup” in Oregon (quite a few soups made the list which is also odd) and hummus in South Dakota.

Personally, I think winner of the lamest of game day parties would be Illinois. They are actually Googling Chex Mix!?

Check out the map below or on their site.