Top 5 Sights of Gasparilla 2018

Top 5 Sights of Gasparilla 2018 

Posted: 5:31 am Sunday, January 28th, 2018

By Nicole - Street Team


Just like the rest of Tampa Bay, Gasparilla is part of 97x’s year. We invaded Downtown Tampa and hit a pirate overload we just had to show you our highlights:

johnny depp disney GIF


1. PIRATE PUPPY: Did you expect anything less to be the number one? LOOK AT THIS DOG. His name is Bruce and Bruce’s owner was just casually pulling him in the wagon. If this is goals I don’t know what is. Photo Jan 27, 11 39 36 AM


2.  Real parrots: I hope you’re not surprised animals are our top two- I mean, this is 97x… If you have ever been to Gaspy you’ve probably seen a lot of fake parrots… BUT REAL ONES?! These guys were just hanging out with their parrots like it was just another day at sea. Seeing people’s faces when they realized that the birds were real was priceless😂



3. Pirate costumes: This is obviously a must. The costumes get better and better every year. I’m going to say it- GASPY PIRATE COSTUMES BEAT HALLOWEEN PIRATE COSTUMES. Everyone looked so good and were slaying the game. We were definitely under dressed in our 97x shirts. BRB as I petition for 97x pirate costumes for next year…

Photo Jan 27, 11 53 20 AM

Photo Jan 27, 11 56 34 AMPhoto Jan 27, 11 59 08 AM


4. Dedication: The dedication to get as many beads as possible always has me shook. The amount of beads some people catch is insane! Like girl, does your neck hurt? Do you need help carrying all that?! Something new I learned this year is that people LOVE different kinds of beads, not just the plain old basic ones. We heard someone offer someone money for a specific type of bead they wanted- that’s dedication. I wonder what they do with the beads afterwards? *Creates Pinterest board for DIY bead crafts* Photo Jan 27, 12 56 12 PM


5. Creativity: Being as creative as possible is definitely part of the fun for Gasparilla and the Pirate puns are out of control. I saw some flags and totems to catch bead throwers’ attention but there was one that caught our eye the most:

Photo Jan 27, 12 39 52 PM

Of course we followed directions:



So after this weekend I can assure you that I’m already planning my outfit for next year. What was your top five moments of Gasparilla 2018?

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