Sam talks NBT with Barns Courtney

Sam talks NBT with Barns Courtney 

Posted: 11:21 am Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

By Sam

Barns Courtney is going to be one of the must-see sets on Sunday at NBT. He’s an upcoming artist with a truly incredible story. Courtney just released his debut album in September, ‘The Attractions of Youth’, and explained to me that it really tells the story of him coming up from his lowest of lows (being dropped by a label) to his highest and best moments now. How low is low? We’re talking living like a hobo couch surfing in places like abandoned retirement homes! Yeah, he’s got some pretty insane stories.

Despite all that though, he maintains a solid sense of humor and his sincere appreciation for where he is now is awe-inspiring. He’s also an AWESOME stage performing and warns people in the front of the ‘man juices and hormones that will be flying around’.

Take a listen to our interview and don’t miss him at NBT!

Barns Courtney performs Sunday December 3rd. Don’t have tickets? Listen weekdays at 8am and 5pm, buy them, OR head to one of our many ticket drops!

His debut album is DOPE. Hear ‘The Attractions of Youth’ now: