It’s National Candy Corn Day

It’s National Candy Corn Day 

Posted: 12:51 pm Monday, October 30th, 2017

By Sam

Will your stomach be growling or turning today? Candy corn are one of the most DIVISIVE Halloween candies out there and today it’s all about them! Some people can’t get enough of the fun seasonal colors and sweet sugary taste, while others can’t understand why people would want to eat such demon wax.

Either way, it still ends up flying off the shelves this time of year. To be exact every year about 35-million pounds are produced or 9 BILLION PIECES. That’s a lot of corn!

October 30th, the day before Halloween is marked as national Candy Corn Day because it is believed the largest amount will be sold on this date.

So where do you stand on this controversial confection?