There is now a place to eat cookie dough in Tampa

There is now a place to eat cookie dough in Tampa 

Posted: 3:32 pm Monday, October 9th, 2017

By Sam

Dough Nation is now open at 505 N Tampa street in Tampa and this place does more than make your cookie dough eating dreams a reality, but does it for a great cause! 100% of the proceeds which come from Dough Nation goes to support Metropolitan Ministries and the important work they do to feed our community. (Get it? DOUGH-nation? Like donation?! Okay, I’ll stop.)

The site explains that “It brings together the trendy dessert concept of raw edible cookie dough and doing good for your community. The new spot will serve several flavors including the classic favorites like dark chocolate, s’mores and more. You can enjoy it in the cafe or take it home and even bake it!”

So basically we can now not only chow down on cookie dough without the fear of dying from Salmonella, AND feel awesome about doing it.