Sound wave Tattoos Will Let You Hear The Ink

Sound wave Tattoos Will Let You Hear The Ink 

Posted: 5:45 pm Thursday, September 28th, 2017

By Sam

This is killer!!! It’s one thing to get your favorite saying tattood on your body, but what if you could hear it!? The creators of the Skinmotion app are making that happen! All you do is get a sound wave tattood on your body, then Skinmotion’s app let’s you hear it. MIND. BLOWN. Here’s the explanation from the site:

“A person uploads or records the audio that they want as a Soundwave Tattoo™ to the Skin Motion app. The app generates a Soundwave from that file. The user can then adjust the visual appearance to their liking. The person takes the generated Soundwave to a tattoo artist from our Artist Network (tattoo artists need to be licensed in order to make sure they understand the limitations of the technology and how that applies to tattoo placement, size, and customizations to the design of the tattoo). Once the artist completes the tattoo, a photo of the tattoo is uploaded to our platform and the tattoo goes through our patent pending activation process to make it playable with the Skin Motion app. Using the Skin Motion app, when the user points the camera on their mobile device at the tattoo it recognizes the shape of the Soundwave and plays back the sound…”

Songs are still tough because of copyright lyrics, but hey, maybe you can play a clip of YOU terribly singing Twenty One Pilots!

What sound would you get tattood?