Laura Jane Grace Offers Advice for Those Struggling with Suicidal Thoughts

Laura Jane Grace Offers Advice for Those Struggling with Suicidal Thoughts 

Posted: 2:27 pm Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

By Kyle Taylor

In case you didn’t know, September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Recently, Grace spoke with Alternative Press about her own struggles with suicidal thoughts in a plea to offer help to those who are struggling as well.

The Against Me! singer’s main point of emphasis was to “Stay alive. Just stay alive!”

Obviously the issue of suicide is far more complicated and not that easy for those struggling with mental health issues, so Grace explained her own situation.

“I’m, in many ways, really thankful to have hit rock bottom, emotionally, in that sense — to have had like a suicidal nervous breakdown and to have completely lost it,” she says. “It was a place of understanding that took me a long time of working with trained professionals, with psychotherapists, to get to a place of acceptance where you can have empowerment from that; where, once you find the edge and you can see over the other side, why not fuckin’ stick around and see what happens?”

“When I had that realization, it was really freeing because then it was like all my inhibitions dropped in a lot of ways because it was like realizing where the door was and that I could leave at any time; it was almost then like, ‘I wanna stay and see what happens, and fuck it.’”

She acknowledge that she quelled her suicidal thoughts with the help of a professional. Finding the right mental health professional is not always easy and not everybody has access to one. Many healthcare plans don’t cover many mental health issues, but if you do have affordable access to a mental health professional and need the help, don’t look past it. The difference between Laura Jane Grace being with us today or succumbing to suicide could be attributed to her seeking out professional help.