X Ambassadors pay homage to NY roots with ‘Ahead of Myself’ video

X Ambassadors pay homage to NY roots with ‘Ahead of Myself’ video 

Posted: 10:25 am Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

By Sam

X Ambassadors paid homage to their upstate NY roots with the new music video for ‘Ahead of Myself’. The band is shown walking around the streets of the small town of Monroe, near Rochester, as lead singer Sam Harris sings. The coolest part is that Harris told Billboard he did not lip sync in the video to “create something that felt intimate, that felt real and vulnerable and in the moment.”

He also explained the authentic concept for the video,”We’ve done the narrative film structure of the music video. We’ve done full-on big performance video with lights and stuff and we wanted to do something that felt really intimate and real, authentic, so we shot this video in upstate New York, in Rochester. We’re from Ithaca, New York, upstate. My grandfather used to work at the Kodak building in Rochester.”

Check it out for yourself! His voice is UNBELIEVABLE.

X Ambassadors will be performing on Saturday of #97XNBT so be sure you grab your tickets!!