What do you do with those sandbags?

What do you do with those sandbags? 

Posted: 11:45 am Thursday, September 14th, 2017

By Sam

Got a bunch of sandbags? Not sure what to do with them? Here’s some info!

Sandbags need to ALWAYS be recycled or disposed of properly. If your sandbags DID NOT come in contact with floodwaters (which can contaminate them):

  1. Safely store for use in a future storm (let’s hope not anytime soon)
  2. Spread the sand on your lawn or landscape beds then recycle the bag or store in cool dry place for future use

If you wish to dispose of the sandbags or believe they did come in contact with floodwaters, please call your county’s Solid Waste Department to see if it offers sandbag recycling. So far a few sites have opened:

Pinellas County is offering sandbag recycling at:

Pinellas County Solid Waste Disposal Facility located at 3095 114th Avenue N. in St. Petersburg. You’ll need to have them separated from other waste.

Pasco County is offering sandbag reclining at:

Magnolia Valley Golf Course Clubhouse, 7223 Massachusetts Ave, New Port Richey

Wesley Chapel District Park, 7727 Boyette Rd, Wesley Chapel.

Why is proper disposal important?

Sandbags which touched floodwater can become contaminated with bacteria and produce toxins or odors. Also, if you dispose them in your regular trash and they are taken to the incinerator they DO NOT BURN, causing huge issues. You should also never mix them in with your yard debris because it can damage the equipment used to grind it into mulch.

If you know of another recycling point, please share!