What was Vance Joy doing in his off time? Learning to skateboard.

What was Vance Joy doing in his off time? Learning to skateboard. 

Posted: 10:15 am Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

By Sam

In an interview with Billboard at Outside Lands Vance Joy confirmed that he’s been spending his off time learning to skateboard. He said “I picked that hobby up about a year ago, I’m not very good but I do enjoy it. I get a real sense of achievement when I land a trick.” So I guess it is possible for us to fall more in love with him??

Here he is practicing, complete with wrist guards. *Safety first*


And I’m just going to leave this here to get you pumped for #97XNBT 😉

Vance Joy also discussed his latest single ‘Lay It On Me’ and how it started as a guitar riff he jotted down in his phone back in 2012!! He said he has always had trouble making it work but this year he was “in Malibu and with the right melodies and the right environment, it came together rather quickly.”

Vance Joy is part of your Sunday lineup for #97XNBT! His 30th birthday is December 1st and he’s flying all the way from Australia the next day just to be with us. Make sure your grab your tickets so we can all sing Happy Birthday!