The new voice of Kermit is here

The new voice of Kermit is here 

Posted: 1:35 pm Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

By Sam

We all remember the Kermit debacle a few months back where longtime puppeteer Steve Whitmire was fired. Lots of controversy started flying around over the REASON for his firing. Some reports said it was because he made Kermit sound like a “depressed” frog while others then said it was because of his “unacceptable business practice”.

Either way, it was a mess and really doesn’t matter now because we have a NEW Kermit. His name is Matt Vogel and he made his debut Monday night’s Muppet Thought Of The Week.

Can you tell the difference? No? Me either.

Hopefully we can get back to focusing on what’s important about Kermit now. That he is absolutely adorable. Oh yeah, and all the great pictures we made memes out of.