WATCH: Paramore performs on Good Morning America

WATCH: Paramore performs on Good Morning America 

Posted: 11:25 am Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

By Sam

This past Friday Paramore woke up extra early to perform on the Good Morning America concert series in NYC! The band performed three hits from After Laughter, ‘Hard Times’, ‘Fake Happy’ and ‘Rose-Colored Boy’. If this doesn’t get you excited to jam out with them at Next Big Thing I don’t know what could!

They also talked about Zac Farro’s return to the band and their growth over the past few years. I love how when asked the “secret to being better than ever”, Hayley says “therapy”. Hahahaha.

Don’t miss them at #97XNBT 17′! Win them tickets with me at 8am and 4:30p or purchase them here!