Foo Fighters release video for ‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’

Foo Fighters release video for ‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’ 

Posted: 1:39 pm Thursday, August 24th, 2017

By Sam

Dave Grohl directed the video himself and asked his two daughters, 11-year-old Violet and eight-year-old Harper, if they wanted to be the stars in it! The video features the band performing among the stars on top of a cabin while his daughters are listening inside.

Grohl went in depth with Rolling Stone on the meaning behind the song and video (and I mean really in depth): “It basically talks about the atoms that comprise life on Earth and make up the human body are traceable to the beginnings of our universe…stars that go unstable and collapse and explode and just scatter their guts, their fundamental ingredients of life are all over the universe and forming solar systems and stars orbiting planets have the ingredients for life itself. And when you look up at the night sky, you realize that you’re not only part of the universe, but the universe is part of us. It really moves me.” Wow. Just wow.

‘The Sky is A Neighborhood’ is the 2nd single from the Foo Fighters’ album Concrete and Gold, due out September 15th.