You can now drink alcohol on St. Pete Beach, but there’s a catch

You can now drink alcohol on St. Pete Beach, but there’s a catch 

Posted: 1:23 pm Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

By Sam

As Fox 13 reported,  for many years drinking on the sands of St. Pete Beach has been illegal, until today.

BUT before you plan your next keg party you’re going to want to hear the catch! You can ONLY do it if you’re at one of the gulf-front hotels and in the designated cabana areas. They are also going to keep pretty close tabs on you. Wristbands will be provided with drinks and need to be worn the entire time. You also can’t stroll down to the water and float around on your inflatable unicorn with a cocktail. They will be monitoring.

So yes, if you’re planning a day trip to the public areas of St. Pete Beach you’ll still need to stick to the fruit punch. Leave the hard stuff to the cabana boys.

Although the St. Pete Beach City Commission voted unanimously on this Tuesday, they were still faced with opposition. Many think it will bring more garbage and rowdiness to our clean  and beautiful white sands. While others believe it can only improve our tourism.

I have to say I think I agree with that second statement. I mean, if you’ve never been to Florida or the beach AT ALL you probably picture what you see in the movies! Lounging like a star fish in a cabana with Pina Coladas being served to you on a silver platter. Also, I think the hotels stand to make A LOT of money. So there’s that.