A bumper sticker we all can agree on: ‘I Hate 275’

A bumper sticker we all can agree on: ‘I Hate 275’ 

Posted: 12:48 pm Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

By Sam

Designer and illustrator Corey Danks recently posted in the Tampa Reddit forum  a sticker he made that I think we all may be buying. It’s so simple, yet says so much.

‘I hate 275’.

Although Danks himself is from Philadelphia, he must have known that here in Tampa we deal with our fare share of I-275 pains. Malfunction junction during rush hour? THE WORST.

(Photo – rev9whitney on Reddit)

You can buy it and more of his stickers, including an ‘I hate I-4’ one on his Etsy page. I know what my family is getting for stocking stuffers this year.