Arcade Fire Apologizes for Strange Social Media Campaign

Arcade Fire Apologizes for Strange Social Media Campaign 

Posted: 4:10 pm Saturday, August 12th, 2017

By Kyle Taylor

*Photo courtesy of Consequence of Sound

If you’ve been a fan of Arcade Fire for a long time, you may know that they have been largely quiet on social media. The once independently signed band often laid low on the radar, fitting their m.o. However, that all changed ahead of their release of Everything Now, their first album under Columbia Records. Some of their social media posts have been quite strange, and frankly insensitive, leaving fans scratching their heads. Well, the band has had enough. They just released an apology, albeit very strange and ambiguous, but nonetheless an apology.

They put the blame on a guy by the name of Tannis Wright. If you are in need of social media consultation and strategy, I would suggest staying away from Tannis, if he actually exists. This apology comes shortly after they were forced to apologize for suggesting a dress code during their album release party, yet again Tannis’ fault. Shame on you Tannis. Also, shame on Arcade Fire, one of the biggest bands in the world, for not knowing what is going on with their social media. Oh well, they’re still awesome!