St. Pete Beach May Loosen Beach Drinking Laws

St. Pete Beach May Loosen Beach Drinking Laws 

Posted: 10:05 am Thursday, August 10th, 2017

By Kyle Taylor

St. Pete Beach city commissioners are mulling over a new rule that would allow hotel guests to consume alcoholic beverages on the beach, near their hotel cabanas. Us regular folk would still be barred from participating in the debauchery, which angers some local residents.

“If you are going to allow hotel guests to drink on the beach, why not allow residents who pay taxes and live here all the time to take a cocktail onto the beach at sunset? I see no reason to give preferential treatment to hotel guests,” said St. Pete Beach resident Susan Perodeau told the Tampa Bay Times, who described the proposal as “ridiculous.”

I couldn’t agree more. I guess this means that every time I go to the beach, I will be a “hotel guest” *cough* *cough*.

The city’s thought process behind the new legislation revolves around boosting the city’s tourism economy.

City Commissioner Melinda Pletcher also told the Times,”I’m glad we are moving forward on this. It’s a smart thing for the city to support the (hotel) industry, for people who come down here on vacation and able to be served in the cabanas.”