4 Throwback Next Big Thing Logos

4 Throwback Next Big Thing Logos 

Posted: 1:36 pm Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

By Sam

Weeeelllll I couldn’t just stop at 4 could I???? So many great ones!! Take a scroll through some of our classic NBT art and send us some pics of YOUR old NBT merch!!

Ready to see what we’ve got in store this year? NBT announcement coming soon!


Fun facto for ya: while brainstorming for a name “The Big Thing” came up first. It was then decided that changing it to “Next” would be perfect for a show that was going to focus on the future of music!


Watch out another fact coming at ya: the character pictured in many of the logos is actually named ‘Norton B. Thorton’, the NBT initials. He was the mascot!


You KNOW it’s old school when you had files labeled ‘myspace banners’. That’s what these were!