SWAT situation creates traffic mess in Tampa

SWAT situation creates traffic mess in Tampa 

Posted: 1:10 pm Thursday, July 27th, 2017

By Sam

Luckily all roads are back open now but if you were travelling to work in Tampa this morning on Nebraska Ave or Fletcher, you probably encountered the craziness. As Fox 13 reported, it was around 7:30 a.m. when apparently a minivan going north on Nebraska Ave ran a red light resulting in an accident. The driver of the minivan left the scene but eventually hit a curb and came to a halt. When deputies approached the vehicle to help him they found the man threatening them with a gun.The situation then required the help of the SWAT team and hostage negotiators so all surrounding roads were closed in the middle of rush hour. The man was being extremely hostile, refusing to leave the van and continuing to threaten officers. He even threw a brick out of the back window. Eventually after the SWAT team arrived the man climbed out of the window and plopped to the ground. Officers subdued and arrested him. It is not known yet if the man was under the influence as the investagion is ongoing.

Footage thanks to Fox 13: