What was Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots saying in his APMAs speech?

What was Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots saying in his APMAs speech? 

Posted: 2:24 pm Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

By Sam

At the APMAs this year, it was no surprise that Twenty One Pilots won the award for most dedicated fan base. COME THROUGH CLIQUE! What WAS surprising was what Josh Dun said in his acceptance speech. He said Tyler could not be with him because he was “severing ties with dema”…WTF?

Of course Twitter went crazy with speculation and Reddit blew up – nnavipc  -“I believe Tyler liking the tweet from the BLURRYFACE account is to confirm that the “Tower of Silence” theory holds some merit. If he was just interested in seeing what fans theorized and accidentally liked it, he probably wouldn’t have been on the BLURRYFACE account. It is also worth it to note that Tyler is not the only one who has access to that handle.” Clique detective work got real.

So according to what I’ve gathered “dema” means “tower of silence” and aligns with the last in the series of cryptic tweets they sent out at the end of their tour, “and now I just sit in silence”. But still, if Tyler is in a tower of silence WHAT DOES THAT MEAN AND HOW LONG DOES HE HAVE TO STAY THERE?

Feel free to weigh in with your theories.

Here’s the speech: