Coldplay has wheelchair-bound fan crowd-surfed to stage

Coldplay has wheelchair-bound fan crowd-surfed to stage 

Posted: 8:20 am Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

By Sam

At at a Coldplay show in Dublin this past Saturday, Chris Martin noticed something you don’t see too often. A group of fans holding a guy in a wheelchair over their heads! Chris Martin was so touched by the moment he requested that everyone crowd-surf him up to the stage.

Once on stage, Martin made up a quick song about Rob, 29, and sang it to him. IS THAT NOT AMAZING?! What’s ever COOLER is that Rob told BBC the reason he was being held up in the first place was because a guy fell on him. That guy felt so bad he got with some other dudes and lifted him up for a better view.

Here’s the BBC interview with Rob: