MTV reality show ‘Siesta Key’ set to premiere July 31st

MTV reality show ‘Siesta Key’ set to premiere July 31st 

Posted: 2:13 pm Thursday, July 6th, 2017

By Sam

Remember back in May during the MTV Movie and TV Awards? This cryptic trailer showed up in our faces??

Well THAT teaser we later found out was a trailer for an upcoming reality show filmed right here in Tampa Bay! In Siesta Key! The show is supposed to have a feel similar to The Hills,  following a fabulous (and probably really rich) group of friends who return home for the summer after their first year in college. The premiere date for the show was just announced to be July 31st.

We’re thinking the same thing right? I’m sure this is going to show EXACTLY what life is like in Siesta Key. Everyone is rich, beautiful, skinny, tan, and drunk.

Not. 🙄