Posted: 1:20 pm Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Pete Wentz Went To See Brendon Urie On Broadway 

By Sam

Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie is in the midst of his stint on Broadway playing Charlie Price in Kinky Boots. Now we all know Fall Out Boy and PATD are longtime besties so OF COURSE Pete Wentz had to make the trip to NYC to see it for himself!

Pete made this Instagram post on Thursday with the most adorable caption ever, “I’ve known this guy for a long time – so proud of him’.

I've know this guy for a long time- so proud of him 🀜🏼🀜🏼🀜🏼

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*All of our reactions*

If you want to make the trip to NYC to see him it’s gotta be soon!!! Brendon Urie only keeps the role through August 6th.

Had to include this because you can’t understand their awesome relationship without it. DUH.

Fall Out Boy will release M A N I A on September 16th and secretly we are all hoping there is a collab with Urie in there somewhere. How else do you explain this bizarre teaser video? COME ON GUYS!