New efforts tomorrow to keep people cool at Vans Warped Tour

New efforts tomorrow to keep people cool at Vans Warped Tour 

Posted: 1:08 pm Friday, June 30th, 2017

By Sam


As ABC Action News’ Sean Daly reported, both the city of St. Petersburg and the tour itself are making new efforts to keep concert goers cool tomorrow. Vans Warped Tour is typically ALWAYS in the summer time and as we all know is ALWAYS really hot. In order to avoid situations we’ve seen at other music festivals, where tons are hospitalized for dehydration and exhaustion, the city and tour are making some changes.

You’ve got shorter sun time with doors moved from 11am to 12:30pm (and try to avoid standing OUTSIDE the doors for hours). You can also bring one sealed water bottle which you can now refill at refill stations! And how about a water slide to chill on? That’s there too!!! Additionally more misters and shade will be found throughout the park.

Listen, we’ve all had that moment when we get into a PERFECT spot on the barricade or in the pit and do not want to give it up. However if you do that, come prepared and hydrated. If you get tired or too hot KNOW when to take a break. It may be painful to watch your spot get taken, but I think a trip to the ER would be a lot worse. Am I right?

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