Somebody Is Drawing Butts All Over Downtown St. Pete

Somebody Is Drawing Butts All Over Downtown St. Pete 

Posted: 12:24 pm Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

By Sam

Who is the criminal culprit BEHIND this butt business? Fox 13 reported that over the past few weeks more than 20 rear-ends have been spotted throughout the downtown area and still NOBODY has claimed ownership of the curious cracks. The St. Pete Police department are putting extra man hours into locating the fanny phantom as local businesses are not amused by the cheeky display. So who is this butt bandit?! Do you know?

As serious as this is, ya gotta admit the butt puns are on another level for this one. Even Fox 13 couldn’t resist. How many can you catch!?

Tampa Bay Times caught snapped some posterior pics.


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