WATCH: Billy Raffoul releases video for ‘Driver’

WATCH: Billy Raffoul releases video for ‘Driver’ 

Posted: 1:14 pm Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

By Sam

Billy Raffoul is an upcoming 22-year-old indie rock artist from Canada. ‘Driver’ is his debut single and the music video for it was just released today. The video features Raffoul floating in an old house, climbing walls, and then eventually being driven off a bridge by a girl into the waters below.

Side note: you may need some motion sickness meds for this. It’ll give ya the spins.

Billy Raffoul was recently signed with Interscope records and he is set to release his second single in July ‘Dark Four Door’, and his debut EP shortly after in August. For now he’s spending the summer on tour with Mondo Cozmo.

The important question though, HOW DO YOU HAVE SUCH GOOD HAIR?