The Chainsmokers get a geography lesson on Twitter

The Chainsmokers get a geography lesson on Twitter 

Posted: 10:57 am Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

By Sam

Last week The Chainsmokers finished up their ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ tour. Shortly after, the duo teased that more dates were coming in the best way possible. It happened on Twitter Sunday night as they innocently tweeted ‘Don’t worry Asia got a lot of announcements coming soon… and you too India and Australia’. 😐😐😐

Is this real life? Do they actually not realize that India is a country? WITHIN THE MASS CONTINENT OF ASIA? I can’t with this.

But don’t worry, Twitter wasn’t going to let the opportunity for a geography lesson slip by.

Oh well, at least they still have those late night grocery trips. 😞