NEW MUSIC: Mikey Mike – Doin’ Me

NEW MUSIC: Mikey Mike – Doin’ Me 

Posted: 3:08 pm Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

By Sam

Ever heard of Mikey Mike? Most likely the answer is no…but that could change. Mikey Mike is a farely eccentric personality out of LA. He’s spent most of his career behind the scenes producing and creating for big names like Rihanna and Sia but has now decided to come forward as a recording artist in his own right. He’s got a fairly unconventional way of doing things, including putting posters around LA asking for friends because he’s ‘Lonely as F***’. And more recently putting up billboards that say “Ginger curious…Send nudes” with his phone number. Publicity stunts? Well, probably. Either way his debut single is pretty good. What do you think of ‘Doin Me’?

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