LISTEN to Coldplay’s New Song “All I Can Think About Is You”

LISTEN to Coldplay’s New Song “All I Can Think About Is You” 

Posted: 1:06 pm Sunday, June 18th, 2017

By Kyle Taylor

Coldplay is on the verge of releasing their thirteenth EP this summer, titled Kaleidoscope. That Chainsmokers collab that you definitely had stuck in your head at some point is on that EP, and Chris Martin and co just dropped the second single from it a couple of days ago. Rejoice Coldplay fans because, “All I Can Think About Is You” is a complete turnabout from “Something Just Like This”. I’m not saying that “Something Just Like This” isn’t a good song, because, in my opinion, it’s perhaps the Chanismokers best song thanks to Chris Martin. The subtle melody he adds to the song makes it standout from the rest of their catalog.

“All I Can Think About Is You” is reminiscent of the Viva La Vida version of Coldplay at times. Imagine you’re wandering through a rural filed on a starry night, with no purpose in mind. All of a sudden you are overcome with adrenaline and begin to run. You end up getting lost but that’s okay. The stars will bring you home.

Corny analogy? Maybe. But you get the gist. Listen to the song below.