Twenty One Pilots are having an art show for their fans

Twenty One Pilots are having an art show for their fans 

Posted: 2:48 pm Friday, June 16th, 2017

By Sam

Did you need another reason to love Twenty One Pilots? OKAY.

Twenty One Pilots have been on the Blurryface tour since summer of 2015 and want to close it out with 5 shows in their hometown of Columbus, the Tour De Columbus. On tØp (see what I did there) of that, they’ve decided to do something REALLY special for the fans by hosting an art show for them! We’ve all scrolled through their twitter feed and seen the amazing #cliqueart sent to them by fans right?

Well Tyler and Josh have seen it too and want to do something special for these crafty members of the #SkeletonClique! They’ve gathered art from fans all around the world and will display it as part of Tour De Columbus in ARTØPIA .


And you may have heard about this already, but what’s totally killer about this particular tour is they wanted to be sure it was JUST FOR FANS. No scalpers, no robots buying hundreds of tickets, none of that. They created a unique way to become a registered as a ‘verified’ fan so they know exactly whose hands the tickets are falling in. This is how it should ALWAYS be. Watch!