See Why Dave Grohl Has the Biggest Heart in Rock Music

See Why Dave Grohl Has the Biggest Heart in Rock Music 

Posted: 11:29 am Friday, June 16th, 2017

By Kyle Taylor

Laura and Jon Plane danced to “Everlong” as their first dance at their wedding. The die hard Foo Fighters fans planned on celebrating their 10th anniversary at a show sometime this year. But then Laura lost an 8 year battle with cancer last month. Heartbroken, Jon reached out to the band on social on media asking them to dedicate a song to Laura at their upcoming Glastonbury performance.

And, Dave Grohl being Dave Grohl, he responded to the inquiry. It reads, “Jon- Dave here. Heard about Laura. Sending you much love and hope and light. Will be thinking of yous at Glasto. Take care mate.”

In an interview with NME, Jon said he was blown away by Grohl’s response.

“I can picture Laura’s little face smiling about it,” said Jon. “It is incredible. I am over the moon.”

“Even if Foo Fighters don’t dedicate the song to Laura, she would have loved [the note] anyway. But what I got from [the note] is that it is going to happen. It is incredible. Laura must have engineered this somehow as I was having a really bad week after her funeral, when it hit me like a wave.

Not one to shy away from heartwarming stories, a couple of years ago, Dave Grohl sent a fan dying of cancer VIP tickets and a signed photo.