Portugal. The Man drop new album ‘Woodstock’

Portugal. The Man drop new album ‘Woodstock’ 

Posted: 3:30 pm Friday, June 16th, 2017

By Sam

Since the beginning of Portugal. The Man, they put out a new album almost every year. That is until Evil Friends was released in 2013 and they ended up taking a four year break. Bless up though! After about 100 songs and one completely scrapped album they finally dropped Woodstock today! The inspiration for the name came from John Gourley’s father. On a trip home to Wasilla, Alaska he showed Gourley his old 1969 Woodstock ticket stub and finally the inspiration he needed to complete the album was clear and focused. They wanted to create something built on the same feelings of that time. The youthful freedom and rebellion, as well as passionate frustration with current social and political climates.

‘Feel it Still’ has BLOWN up since its release. It’s the groups 1st #1 on the Triple A airplay chart.

On ‘Rich Friends’ Gourley says they were at a party with Harry Styles and they had no idea whose friend he was. “We were all sitting there, the dickheads in the corner, like, ‘I could use some rich friends.’ ” (Billboard)

‘So Young’ was produced with help from Danger Mouse

Let us know your thoughts the album!!