97x at Bonnaroo: Day 4

97x at Bonnaroo: Day 4 

Posted: 1:58 pm Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

By Sam

Last day on the farm. 😭😭😭 Thinking about leaving Bonnaroo  and driving 10 hours back to regular life was just miserable. Probably my favorite thing about the entire experience was the overwhelming feeling of positivity and happiness which fills every thing and everyone around you. Nobody is ever in a bad mood. Even covered and dirt and sweat the biggest smiles are surrounding you! Even when your in the campground and tents are stacked on top of each other, there is never a worry of ‘oh we shouldn’t leave that out it’ll be stolen’ because everyone just loves each other! Need a high five? Put your hand up! We even got offered free food and beer (among other things) dozens of times! One neighbor just left a box of granola bars in our camp because they didn’t want to take them. Thanks dudes!!

‘RADIATE POSITIVITY’. That’s what Bonnaroo is all about. Good vibes only. Our daily lives should be more like this. I know I’m going to try. 💚💚💚

Now that I got that out of my system. I’ll tell you a little about our last day!! It started with a set from a country artist named ‘CAM’ (because last day why not?!) who thoroughly impressed us with a song combining metal and country.

Oh, and I ran into this adorable party animal there.

Couldn’t leave Bonnaroo without some ink!!! I opted for the ~freestyle~ Henna which basically means I couldn’t make a decision so please draw whatever you like. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We discovered this beach-like Oasis where you can score tropical drinks and chill under a mister in hammocks. Not going to lie, Sunday was the hottest day so THAT was a brief stop.

Straight to ‘What Stage’ for a packed house and Milky Chance!!!

They were perfect as usual. The sun moved off the day and we danced to the sounds of Blossum, Cocoon, and they closed with Stolen Dance. It felt pretty incredible to see them here in front of thousands knowing they were JUST  hangin’ with us in St. Pete at BBQ.

After that most of the crowd stayed because once again LAST NIGHT DUH!! Lorde was next and The Weeknd closed the festival out.


Lorde had to be the best performance of the night. Even though she had some sound issues in the beginning, it almost made it even better because she was SO SWEET about it and she really just built our anticipation even more. She opened with the first line from Green Light and then moved into a few of her new tracks from Melodrama (Perfect Places is my absolute fav). The BEST though was when she sang Royals. I know we are all almost sick of that song by now but when you have thousands of happy people screaming every word with you, it’s magic. 🙌

I am so grateful to be in a position that allowed me this opportunity and I don’t take that lightly. Like a lot of you, music festivals like Bonnaroo were always a pipe dream for me. Something you sat around with your friends and BS’d about doing one day, but you knew you probably never would. 97x is an amazing place to be and I’m lucky to have family in you all, the listeners. The BEST radio station listeners in the world.

I hope you enjoyed following my adventure this past weekend. Until next time Bonnaroo!

Oh and remember friends, Radiate positivity. 💚