97x at Bonnaroo: Day 3

97x at Bonnaroo: Day 3 

Posted: 1:28 pm Sunday, June 11th, 2017

By Sam


After a painful and early morning we managed to pull ourselves together and kicked off our 2nd broadcast at 10am!

The coolest thing about the media center is artists are coming through all the time. We saw Chance the Rapper ride by on a scooter and then I LOST it when COIN showed up out of nowhere! Even though their from Tennessee we seriously bonded over the fact that none of us have EVER been to Bonnaroo. We’re “bonnarookies” as they say on the farm.

Their set was at 2pm right after the broadcast and they KILLED it!

Finally got to explore the far ends of Roo today. There is a GIANT ferris wheel, tons of little shops to buy merch, get henna tattoos, your hair braided, pretty much everything awesome you can imagine. Oh, and some of the camp sites are located in ‘pods’ that are about a 30 minute walk away so peeps just plop down and take naps wherever there is shade.


The lineup for tonight was INSANE. We went pretty much straight from The Head and the Heart to Red Hot Chili Peppers, then from Cage the Elephant to Flume!!! Red Hot Chili Peppers were packed so it was hard to get pictures but the show was amazing. We danced and sang along to every one of their hits and the crowd FREAKED when they returned to do ‘Give it Away’ in the encore. Cage the Elephant were great too, Matt Shultz has a way of energizing the crowd that is like no other.

Yes someone brought an elephant to  Cage the Elephant.

Last stop was a 2am set from a wacky EDM DJ named Marshmello. I was disappointed that it did not involve actual marshmallows but it was still probably the craziest thing I’ve seen yet. The bass dropped so many times I thought my eyeballs were gonna fall down into my shoes.

Day 4 includes Milky Chance, The Weeknd, and LORDE! Let’s do this Roo.