97x at Bonnaroo: Day 2

97x at Bonnaroo: Day 2 

Posted: 12:52 pm Saturday, June 10th, 2017

By Sam

Day 2!!! Of course the day has to start with some killer festival wardrobe choices AND body painting!!!

First stop was the broadcast center where we got to talk with Kaleo, Portugal. The Man, and Glass Animals.

JJ from Kaleo came by and we talked about their album A/B which gets it’s name from the A and B sides of vinyl records. He explained that growing up in Iceland he took influence from a huge variety of music styles and artists and that’s why songs like ‘All the Pretty Girls’ and ‘No Good’ sound so different. A/B is meant to represent these very contrasting styles. We also talked 97x Shindig of course which he is STOKED to play as it will be his first time in Tampa Bay! (He’s also almost too beautiful to be real)

I also chatted with Kyle from Portugal. The Man! (the one band member not from Alaska so don’t ask him about Alaska he doesn’t know) Their set was not until 1am last night and he actually said that they prefer those sets because the lighting and visual effects are so intense. And of course “everybody’s on drugs” so the crowd is crazy. 💁

Dave from Glass Animals was the last interview and he was THE NICEST DUDE. Their show was one of my favorites last night because it really felt like an experience. They think through every detail, every light, song, and effect created the perfect peanut butter vibes. Oh, and you wanted to know what those are exactly? Or what Pork Soda is? Check out the interview page!

So how cool is this?! While we were watching The Strumbellas our Bonnaroo winner found us!! Colleen from Plant City won on the app and I still can’t actually believe this happened!

After the broadcast we caught Kaleo’s set and let’s just say ‘No Good’ had me feeling SO good.

*Makes Mer-Man and giant squirrel friends*

Followed this purple unicorn to Tove Lo! I touched her when she walked by, just sayin’.

The rest of the night included an amazing performance from U2, 1am set from Portugal The. Man, those insane peanut butter vibes from Glass Animals and maybe a little raging to Major Lazer, just a little. 😜


And then hands down, the best way to cap off the night. Cheers festie besties!!!