97x at Bonnaroo: Day 1

97x at Bonnaroo: Day 1 

Posted: 1:06 pm Friday, June 9th, 2017

By Sam

Bonnaroo Recap Day 1 and 2!

We’re here!!! We hit the road at 5:15am yesterday to make the drive to Manchester Tennessee and arrived around 3:30pm. First order of business of course was to crack a Bud Light with my #festiebestie and make an EPIC campsite.

We headed in to scope out the broadcast area and press tent. I’ll be live from here Friday 2p-6p and Saturday 10a-2p! We’ve scored interviews with 97x Shindig artist Kaleo, Portugal. The Man, and Glass Animals.  These will be online soon!

Hay Bale sessions happen right near the broadcast area. Bands will be coming through during the day to do exclusive performances.

*Here’s me looking super important in the press conference tent*

Highlights from our first night of adventures (which was short given that we all only had about 2 hours of sleep) included an amazing set from Mondo Cozmo!!! And of course ridiculous amounts of jumping and dancing.

We also had to hit up the ‘Christmas Barn’ which is kinda like a rave in a barn where it’s Christmas all the time because we all need that in our life. Drinks were strong and called crazy things like Reindeer and Rudolph. Let’s just say Rudolph was very much still with me this morning.

At Bonnaroo they aim to be the greenest of all music festivals so Rooer’s are constantly encouraged to recycle and have respect for their surroundings. 🙂

We haven’t gotten to sample all of the tasty delights yet, but food options are everywhere!

You are also allowed to bring a small grill so getting creative with your own camping hacks and snacks is encouraged. Peep this *awe-inspiring* creation that came out of camp 97x this morning.