Bonnaroo 2017 with 97x

Bonnaroo 2017 with 97x 

Posted: 2:21 pm Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

By Sam

FRIENDS!!! Tomorrow is the day!!! We are hitting the road at 5am heading to Bonnaroo 2017 in Manchester Tennessee! Let’s just say, the feels going through my body right now are ON ANOTHER LEVEL. I’ve NEVER been to a music festival before and my first one is Bonnaroo? LIKE WHAAAAT?! (Shout out to the important peeps behind 97x for making that happen!)

Now, since I’m a ‘Bonnarookie’ I’m currently open to any advice, helpful hints, must-see moments, and info you may have to tell me about. I did remember to get flip flops for the shower, my own TP, and baby wipes. Oh and some food and water, because that helps with staying alive.


If you’re like me and have never been, the folks at Roo have created this 360 video where you follow a unicorn around to check it out. Because unicorns are awesome and so are we.

I NEED A LIGHT UP HULA HOOP FOR SURE. This looks amazing. Scratch that, it looks EPIC. Is it tomorrow yet?

On top of any general info you may have for me, I also MIGHT be able to interview some artists. Maybe I can chat with Kaleo about 97x Shindig? Maybe I’ll run into Lorde and pass out in the fetal position? WHO KNOWS! I’ve highlighted a few of them below but let me know who I absolutely can’t miss!

Glass Animals is actually one I will for SURE interview. Questions for them? What exactly are peanut butter vibes?

Hoping to be bffs with Kaleo by the end of the weekend. He’s going to need a tour guide for DTSP in July.


Oh hey Lorde. 😉 See ya Sunday.

Be sure to follow my adventure! #97xBonnaroo

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