Fall Out Boy’s Single ‘Young and Menace’ Explained

Fall Out Boy’s Single ‘Young and Menace’ Explained 

Posted: 3:45 pm Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

By Sam

Fall Out Boy’s seventh album M A N I A will be out September 15th and the lead single from that album ‘Young and Menace’ was a different sound and very powerful. From the Britney Spears and Nikki Sixx references to the bizarre video that accompanied it, we were definitely all left with mouths agape!

Luckily though, Pete Wentz sat down with Genius and has come through with some answers for us! He explained, “If you’re doing something creative you gotta make sure it doesn’t end up feeling like a job, ‘Young and Menace’ is a true example of that.”

Breaking down "Young And Menace" over on @Genius 🔮🌊

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