You will fall in love with K.Flay’s YouTube weirdness

You will fall in love with K.Flay’s YouTube weirdness 

Posted: 3:03 pm Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

By Sam

From book reports, to making grilled cheeses, mall adventures and more. I recently discovered K.Flay’s YouTube channel and immediately fell into a black hole of hidden treasures and hilarity. Take some time to check it out yourself and you will be even MORE excited to see her at 97XBBQ on Saturday!!!

Book reviews were the first thing I stumbled upon. “I like readin’…I like readin’…”

There are TONS of those and they are all awesome but there’s also other random stuff in the ‘fun s**t’ section. Like a mall adventure, how to make a grilled cheese and a wolf doing wolf things?

IN ADDITION TO THAT WEIRDNESS she does commentary videos to tell you about her songs! I’m officially obsessed with K.Flay and her bizarre-o world. I want to live in it.