Muse drop new single and video ‘Dig Down’

Muse drop new single and video ‘Dig Down’ 

Posted: 11:23 am Thursday, May 18th, 2017

By Sam

FINALLY. Muse dropped their new single and music video’Dig Down’ today! What’s awesome about that is we are the 2nd stop on their tour this Sunday and will be some of the first to see it live! (Yes, we still have tix at noon and 4:30p) 😉😉😉

I was lucky enough to be able to chat with drummer Dom from Muse about the meaning behind the single, how they created the video, what we can expect on this tour and TONS more. He also explained what the MUSEum is that our grand prize winner will get to see backstage on Sunday.

Listen now!!

Dom explained that the new single is really about ‘finding strength in the face of adversity’ and that they took a lot of influence from the current times and things happening in world today, but believe the message could also reflect the personal struggles we all have in our every day life.

Download ‘Dig Down’ here!

Grand prize winners go backstage on the tour to check out the MUSEum. It’s filled with Muse memorabilia from over the years. Dom said the “silver one-piece suit I wore on the Resistance Tour is a highlight”. Sooooo I can try it on right? 💃💃💃

What a way to wake up!